Reach, Teach, Serve

Reach, Teach, Serve

He Lives! 2017

I was wrong. I admit it. I thought that 40 days was a long time*. But that was when I wrote my last newsletter article. Now we are already in the last stretch of the season of Lent and it seems like it’s fast on the trot.

Don’t you think It’s interesting that the 40 days of Lent do not count Sundays? That can be understood as an acknowledgment that for church goers Sundays is the easy and natural time of worship, and that God is calling us to worship every of the other days. Perhaps we can create a time of sacrifice of worship, where we dedicate 30 minutes or an hour to meditation, prayer, reading, contemplation, and why not a musical worship party! This time can be transformed from penitence to offering, from lack to plenty, from sorrow to celebration.

For Mountair Christian Church, the present time is like no other in its past. We find ourselves in transition to something unknown, without a roadmap other than Scripture and our faith – just as the disciples did. As we celebrate in Lent the memory of Jesus’ ministry leading up to his passion, death, and resurrection, we also are reminded that what followed was the great command to go and make disciples. We accept this time also as preparation for the church’s ministry. We prepare as we go – as did the disciples. Even though we are not in the season of Pentecost yet, we live Pentecost daily. More on this next newsletter.

For now, we are called to pray. Pray for the Easter events and the events coming in the summer. Pray for the ministries that are carried out every day from our premises. Pray for those ministries that are not going on yet, but that will. Pray so that the good Lord may lead us to Reach, Teach, and Serve. Because He lives!

Be very blessed,

Pastor Ruben

*I know you were probably waiting for a juicy feed once I mentioned I was wrong. Nothing to worry about, nor to hit share for, sorry.

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