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Reach, Teach, Serve

Reach, Teach, Serve

Lent is misunderstood sometimes. I admit that sometimes I do. What does it mean to celebrate Lent, when there is nothing conducive to a celebration in abstinence or giving up something for the season? Hard to pinpoint the answer.

In southern cultures, like the Caribbean and the Southern US, the emphasis is not in celebrating Lent, but celebrating before it. Mardi Gras, literally Fat Tuesday (also known as Shrove Tuesday), becomes the focus of celebration, mostly because it is the opportunity to indulge before the sacrifice. Indulgence takes on different forms, but the point is that the celebration is a way to dive into excesses before a season of deprivation.

Lent has become less of a time for spiritual renewal and more of a placeholder in the calendar, for partying mostly. How do we motivate and get inspired for such an observation, bringing the focal point back to the season?

As Mountair Christian Church enters this season, perhaps we as a congregation can see this as a celebration of God with us; the acknowledgment that our Creator is present. As such, we can celebrate with an emphasis on spiritual renewal, not as a time of want but as a time of plenty. God has poured himself into us through Jesus. Acknowledging God’s presence is the step that can drive us to worship.

Don’t you think it’s interesting that the 40 days of Lent do not count Sundays? That can be understood as an acknowledgment that for church goers Sundays is the easy and natural time of worship and that God is calling us to worship each of the other days. Perhaps we can create a time of sacrifice and of worship, where we dedicate 30 minutes or an hour to meditation, prayer, reading, contemplation, and why not a musical worship party! This time can be transformed from penitence to offering, from lack to plenty, from sorrow to celebration.

If you want to have a focus for this long season, I suggest prayer for the future of Mountair Christian Church and its mission. And, the process of inviting others to participate in the mission/vision to Reach, Teach, Serve. And, our own spiritual growth. And, our involvement in the spread of the Gospel. And, there is more; we may just ask God to reveal that to us.

Be very blessed,

Pastor Rubén


In Our Neighborhood: Hands Automotive

In Our Neighborhood: Hands Automotive

Hands of The Carpenter is a faith-based nonprofit organization passionate about serving low-income single mothers and widows through the overlooked issue of transportation. Let them assess your car’s condition and change the oil while you enjoy some conversation and refreshments.

Volunteers are needed for their Car Care Clinics, which occur every other month their Lakewood shop at 1510 Kendall St.

Volunteer once a year or more to serve on one of the following teams:

–       Car Care Teams: Oil changes and vehicle inspection (all levels of experience welcome)

–       Check in Team: Obtain forms, direct women and children to hospitality areas, and direct the cars to the Car Care Teams

–       Host(ess) Team: Engage the women in friendly conversation, stock refreshments, and offer prayer support

–       Car Wash Team: Weather permitting, this optional service is offered

–       Craft Team: Guide children in creating “masterpieces” they can take home

Please contact Crystal at or 303-526-4488 opt.2 to volunteer, register your car, or for more information.

If you need any work done on your car take it over to Hands Automotive.

If you’d like to give to this ministry you can do that here.

Partner with Mountair: Give Online

Partner with Mountair: Give Online

More and more churches are offering online giving so that church members can give conveniently and securely. As a church we have decided to offer online giving as another way that you can partner in the ministry at Mountair Christian Church.

Our online giving is through a great organization called Razoo that offers secure and tax deductible giving. You can give with a credit card and setup one time or recurring donations. Razoo takes 2.9% of each donation for processing so we ask that donors keep this in mind when giving.

Thanks for partnering with us and making a difference in the community!


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